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General Security Solutions

Beijing Wanjia Security System Co. Limited ("Beijing Wanjia")

We began operating general security solution services through the acquisition of Beijing Wanjia Security System Co. Limited ("BeijingWanjia") on June 22, 2022. Established in 1996, Wanjia is one of the national high-tech companies that provides commercial security alarm systems all across China. In Beijing Wanjia, we provide three main services: Commercial Smart Retailer Management,  CCTV and Security Alarm Operation, and Security Engineering & maintenance. 


For the past two decades, we have developed our advantages in the market: a solid technology foundation in big data filtering and model building, a broad service network covering more than 600 cities, and a great variety of customer base covers leading brands such as Starbucks (China), Watson, Lukfook Jewelry, and etc.

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